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An example of superiority in commercial septic tank repair services is Rooter-Man Chattanooga. For Chattanooga’s corporate community, we provide unmatched septic system management, repair, and upkeep solutions. We provide an unrivaled degree of expertise and commitment. Our team has extensive knowledge to deal with the complexities of septic tank repair, especially in the commercial sector. 

Our services include a comprehensive strategy to guarantee the durability and effectiveness of your septic systems, not simply quick problem solutions. Rooter-Man is your go-to specialist for all commercial septic services, including regular maintenance and emergency repairs, and is conveniently located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Common Issues in Commercial Septic Systems

commercial septic tank repair services

A variety of intricate problems may occur in the field of commercial septic systems, each requiring specific expertise and a unique strategy. At Rooter-Man Chattanooga, our profound understanding of these systems is pivotal for effective septic tank management, ensuring that solid waste is properly handled and your septic system functions optimally. Our expertise extends to identifying and resolving these particular issues, guaranteeing that your business’s septic system stays in top shape.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

The importance of regular maintenance, including having your septic tank pumped periodically, cannot be overstated. It’s vital for efficient operation and longevity of septic tanks. Neglecting this aspect can lead to serious issues, such as elevated sludge and scum levels, which cause leaks, backups, and system failures. Our commercial septic services at Rooter-Man Chattanooga include comprehensive inspections, regular cleanings, and prompt interventions for business septic systems. These measures are meant to maintain system functionality and avert expensive problems. This preventative measure ensures a long-term, dependable septic system in addition to its functionality.

Grease Accumulation

Grease buildup in industrial settings, especially in the food industry, is a common yet challenging issue. Excessive grease can clog tanks and pipelines, hampering the efficient processing of liquid waste, reducing system efficiency, and potentially posing environmental risks. Our crew uses cutting-edge cleaning methods that target grease buildup directly, eliminating it and avoiding further accumulations. This prolongs the life of your septic system and ensures that it operates smoothly, saving you money on regular repairs.

Tank Damage

Septic tank physical damage, whether caused by external influences or unintentional hits, may seriously impair company operations. Such harm may result in leaks that contaminate the surroundings. We are skilled in accurate damage assessment as well as quick, effective septic repairs in Chattanooga. We take care of anything from little cracks to large structural problems, minimizing downtime for your company and guaranteeing your septic tank is back in top working order.

Root Infiltration

Root penetration may damage septic systems and create clogs; it is frequently undetected until it poses a serious threat. Large plants and trees close to your septic area may spread their roots, which might cause leaks and fissures. At Rooter-Man Chattanooga, our strategy is meticulously eliminating these invasive roots and fixing any harm they may have caused. We use methods that preserve the integrity and operation of your septic system while safeguarding the surrounding environment.

Age and Degradation

Septic systems reflect indications of deterioration over time. The impairment brought on by aging may show up as decreased effectiveness, frequent backups, or even complete system failure. Our Chattanooga plumbing staff is skilled in assessing these old systems. We provide professional guidance on whether a septic tank repair service or the installation of a new septic system is more appropriate, taking into account several aspects such as the history, present state, and overall sustainability of the system. Our objective is to provide solutions that guarantee long-term performance, safety, and compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering local laws as well as environmental norms is a matter of community health and safety, not solely a legal obligation. Septic system laws are in place in Chattanooga to safeguard the public’s health and the environment. At Rooter-Man, we make sure your commercial septic system complies with all applicable municipal, state, and federal laws. We take care of the intricate aspects of compliance, including reporting, improvements, and routine inspections, making sure your company conforms with legal standards and environmentally sound practices.

We'll keep your septic system up and running with our commercial septic services

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At Rooter-Man Chattanooga, we’re committed to more than just minor fixes. We offer a wide gamut of services intended to keep your commercial septic system operating at peak performance. We also provide efficient septic tank pumping for our clients’ peace of mind.

Emergency Commercial Septic Tank Repair Services

Our team of experts in commercial septic tank repair services is available around-the-clock to handle unforeseen crises and minimize any downtime for your company. For septic tank repair in Chattanooga, TN, contact us right now. 

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Avoid letting septic system issues cause your firm to lag. Get in touch with Rooter-Man Chattanooga for septic tank repair and maintenance that are prompt, dependable, and effective. Our goal is to keep your business sewage system operating at peak efficiency.



The recommended frequency for getting your septic pumped varies depending on usage and tank size, but generally, it should be done every three to five years.

To determine if your septic field is leaking, look for wet or soggy ground in the drain field area, strong sewage odors, unusually green or fast-growing grass above the field, slow draining sinks or toilets, standing water near the field, and if applicable, high nitrate levels in well water tests.

Yes, a cracked septic tank can often be fixed, but it requires professional assessment to determine the best repair method.

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