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How Often Do Tankless Water Heaters Need Maintenance?

maintenance service of tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters are quite popular due to their durability, efficiency, as well as the capacity to supply hot water on demand without any delay. But, like with any device, the subject of upkeep arises: how often do tankless water heaters need maintenance? Here, we’ll look at the frequency and kinds of maintenance needed to keep your tankless heating unit in great shape. We will discuss how it can run effectively and last as long as possible.

What are Tankless Water Heaters

Before we go into maintenance details, it’s crucial to comprehend what tankless water heaters are and how they function. Unlike typical tank water heaters, which store as well as continually heat water, tankless devices use high-powered burners to heat water as needed. This system is more energy-efficient and, at the same time, can deliver a constant supply of hot water. These features make it a favored choice among many households.

Why Do Tankless Water Heaters Need Maintenance?

Tankless water heaters need time-to-time upkeep for their long life as well as efficiency. It is vital to note that maintenance helps to avoid the formation of minerals and scale, which may alleviate the heater’s effectiveness and cause damage over time. Furthermore, inspecting the system for any necessary repairs or changes might help avoid more serious issues in the future. Our water heater maintenance services in Chattanooga are designed to ensure your system remains efficient and trouble-free.

The Frequency of Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Most makers of tankless water heaters recommend that maintenance be performed at least once per year. Routine upkeep is required not just for optimal functioning but also to increase the unit’s life. During these maintenance sessions, pros do a thorough examination and, at the same time, clean different heater components to minimize mineral accumulation. They also verify that everything is running properly.

Moreover, these experts upgrade firmware or software to newer versions to make certain that the system runs properly. These inspections may detect small problems before they turn into costly fixes, eventually saving homeowners money in the long term.

High Hardness Areas

Remember, tankless water heaters may need more regular upkeep in areas where the water supply is heavy in minerals, sometimes known as hard water. Minerals such as calcium as well as magnesium may rapidly collect in the heater’s system, especially on the heating elements and in the heat exchanger.

This accumulation may dramatically alleviate the unit’s efficiency by insulating the heat source as well as decreasing the system’s capacity to efficiently heat water. In such instances, it may be prudent to plan upkeep sessions twice a year to descale the heat exchanger and inspect for other possible effects of mineral deposits. This more regular maintenance helps to keep the water heater running at peak efficiency and, at the same time, avoids premature aging.

Consideration for Heavy Usage

For residences or institutions where the water heater is often used, such as big families or commercial settings, the demand for the tankless water heater is higher. This may result in faster wear and tear buildup. In these cases, ensuring the right size is installed and reviewing the system’s workload as well as output efficiency every six months may help. This guarantees that the machine continues to work reliably even under increased loads.

tankless on demand water heater

What Maintenance Does a Tankless Water Heater Need?


Descaling is one of the most important components of tankless water heater maintenance. This procedure includes eliminating mineral buildup from the heater’s heat exchanger. As mentioned above, if not conducted on a regular basis, the scale may insulate the heat exchanger, lowering efficiency and increasing the risk of overheating.

System Inspection

An extensive system check should be part of every maintenance schedule. This involves inspecting for leaks, making certain all connections are secure, and confirming that the venting system is clear. It is also necessary to check the water and gas pressures to verify that they are within the suggested limits. Additionally, if the heater is not working correctly, checking for issues can help identify and address any problems promptly.

Filter Cleaning

Some tankless heating units have in-line filters, which must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. These filters prevent debris from entering the device, which may cause damage as well as impact performance.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

Despite regular upkeep, tankless water heater repairs may sometimes be required. Common problems include system overheating, ignition failures, and flame failure. When you face these issues, speak with our professional who specializes in tankless water heater services to properly identify and repair the problem.

Final Insights On Tankless Heater Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for making sure your tankless water heater performs smoothly and lasts as long as feasible. Homeowners may get the most out of their tank-free water heating system by arranging yearly inspections and resolving any faults as soon as possible. Remember that when it comes to tankless water heater maintenance, taking a proactive approach not only saves money in the long run but also provides an uninterrupted supply of hot water whenever you need it.

Rooter-Man provides expert help to Chattanooga homeowners with all aspects of tankless water heater maintenance. Our well-versed team of professional plumbing experts is adept at handling different brands of tankless water heaters. We strive to ensure that your heating system runs at maximum efficiency. Whether it’s routine yearly maintenance, more frequent check-ups in hard water regions, or resolving specific problems caused by overuse, Rooter-Man in Chattanooga is your trusted partner in prolonging the life and improving the performance of your tankless heating unit.

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